We do more than just print and mail

At CMCS we dont just cover your critical Print and Mail - we make sure we can support you during any critical period. We ensure your staff can keep working so you can keep your business operating, no matter what tomorrow may bring.

Business Continuity Suite
For full scale Disaster Recovery production invocation

Our Business Continuity Suite is an area of approximately 2,800 sq. ft. designed to offer customer support facilities to a full scale Disaster Recovery production invocation and, in tandem with our Mail Sortation Office, can also support comprehensive handwork requirements.


Let's talk

In an emergency customers need more than just printing and enclosing - they need somewhere to operate. We provide customers with the perfect place to meet and manage their recovery planning, private PR, communications planning or press briefings.


Invocation Room
Helping you through an invocation

When a customer carries out a test or has to invoke our services they need to be able to stay "hands-on" with their work, coordinating everything that happens in order to ensure their critical business functions are performed. Our Invocation Room is the perfect environment from which customers can carry out these tasks.


Keeping your stock safe

Our warehouse provides upto 550 pallet spaces for the storage of customer stock, organised and managed by our computerised stock control system. We also have dedicated warehouse staff and forklift access to ensure all stock is accessible whenever it may be needed.