Business Continuity Suite

For full scale Disaster Recovery production invocation

Our Business Continuity Suite is an area of approximately 2,800 sq. ft. designed to offer customer support facilities to a full scale Disaster Recovery production invocation and, in tandem with our Mail Sortation Office, can also support comprehensive handwork requirements.

The area contains 40 work stations allowing for and including PC and scanning areas, as well as 50 columns of mail sortation frames.


The telephone system has a twin ISDN30 set- up, which means that should a Customer wish to use the area with CMCS support, all phone calls can be directed from the CMCS switchboard. However, in the event of a fully autonomous work unit requiring the area, the whole development can be switched to run off an independent ISDN30 card with its own switchboard and 20 DDI numbers.

The network system operates in the same manner in that a Customer can use the area as part of the CMCS network and be allocated storage facilities on the CMCS servers. However, the option is also there for the whole system to be patched into Customer servers either onsite or remotely so that a complete system virtualisation option can be used.

Availability & Autonomy

The development is always on standby and set in CMCS mode, with other facilities such as faxing, photocopying and network printing available via the CMCS network, but any Customer’s virtualisation plan can be activated almost immediately due to a system of preset patch panels stored in the CMCS server room.

In the event that a Customer requires total autonomy for sensitive information or security reasons, the section has its own toilet and kitchen facilities to remove the need for the area to interact with the any other part of the building during the operational period.

Key Facts

  • Approximately 2,800 sq. ft.
  • 40 workstations
  • 50 columns of mailsortation frames
  • Independent ISDN30 card
  • Private switchboard
  • 20 DDI numbers
  • Seperate computer network
  • Private toilet and kitchen