Invocation Room

Helping you through an invocation

When a customer carries out a test or has to invoke our services they need to be able to stay "hands-on" with their work, coordinating everything that happens in order to ensure their critical business functions are performed. Our Invocation Room is the perfect environment from which customers can carry out these tasks.

During both tests and invocations we provide customers with access to our Invocation Room, allowing them to plan, coordinate and manage their jobs. The room is located next to the print and mail environment, so customers can monitor and track their work at all times, ensuring SLA's are met and jobs are completed on time.

The room includes presentation facilities, such as a whiteboard and flipchart, hot and cold drinks dispensers and several network points for customers to connect equipment to. We also provide a phone for customer use, with it's own direct dial number, and a dedicated multi-function fax and scan machine.

Key Facts

  • Dedicated customer room
  • Next to production facilities
  • Whiteboard
  • Flipchart
  • Refreshment facilities
  • Wired and wireless internet access
  • Dedicated phone line
  • Multi-function fax and scan machine