Keeping your stock safe

One of the most crucial factors in ensuring customer work can be completed on schedule is providing the correct stock in sufficient quantities for the job involved. But moving stock between sites in the middle of an invocation can be a logistical nightmare, with only a small issue or delay having potentially serious follow-on consequences.

CMCS provide customers with the ideal solution to this problem in the form of our onsite warehouse, enabling us to store customer stock ready for just such a scenario. In the event of an invocation work can be produced using the stock held on site, ensuring no delays or disruptions in continuity whilst further stock is shipped in as required.

Our warehouse provides upto 550 pallet spaces for the storage of customer stock, organised and managed by our computerised stock control system. We also have dedicated warehouse staff and forklift access to ensure all stock is accessible whenever it may be needed.As with all other areas of CMCS, the warehouse is under 24/7 CCTV surveilence, and employs a swipe card access system to ensure all stock is as safe and secure as possible.

Key Facts

  • 550 pallet spaces
  • Dedicated warehouse staff
  • Forklift access
  • Computerised stock control system
  • 24/7 CCTV surveilence
  • Restricted, swipe card access