Document Management & Composition

Adding value every step of the process

Data is required before any work can be printed or enclosed, but even once data is obtained it may be many steps away from being usable. Our document management tools allow us to process and manipulate your data, regardless of it's format, and our document composition tools allow us to create documents from your raw data.

We have the capacity to handle the following print-ready data formats and directly work with them, or convert them to other formats as required.

  • AFP
  • IPDS
  • Metacode
  • PCL
  • PDF
  • Postcript
  • PPML

Our inhouse software development team can add value to your documents with bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements, or compose documents from raw data to your exact specifications.

Management Tools

Our documents are primarily printed and managed using Emtex VIP, with other work processed using IBM InfoPrint Manager. These two industry-leading tools give us the ability to handle whatever work you send to us and help ensure we produce your work to the highest quality possible.

Emtex VIP

Managing today's document output requirements consumes valuable time, labor, and printer productivity. With the relentless pace of technology and the burden of legacy systems, many organizations struggle with complex, closed and highly diverse output technology infrastructures. Ultimately, the result is significant increases in operating costs.

The unique VIP™ architecture optimizes your document workflow and frees you from the limitations of proprietary vendors and data streams. The key is robust print management functionalities that include everything from data stream transformation, resource management, and automated reprinting to enhanced production control and convenient viewing before, during and after output. With VIP™ output management software, you benefit from greater operational efficiency, productivity and accountability.

(source: Virtual Intelligent Presentation (VIP))

IBM InfoPrint Manager

InfoPrint® Manager for AIX® and InfoPrint Manager for Windows® can help unify your output infrastructure for maximum efficiency. They combine the powerful InfoPrint Solutions Company developed and industry standard Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) architecture, comprehensive data stream transforms and extensive output-management capabilities into a single solution to provide the control you need. Diverse types of information—from a variety of sources—can be transformed, printed, faxed or e-mailed. InfoPrint Manager provides centralized control of your output infrastructure for maximum efficiency.

(source: InfoPrint Manager for AIX and Windows)