Our mailing and finishing facilities

Printing is only half of the process your work undertakes before it reaches your customers, requiring finishing and enclosing before it can be posted. We have a wide range of mail facilities available to suit your exact requirements.

Automated Enclosing
From paper to post at high speed

For the majority of mail automated enclosing is essential due to the high-volumes and short turn-around times required. In addition, critical information for your customers can be included using the wide-ranging additional insert capabilities of the machinery.


Bespoke Finishing
We do more than just enclosing

We don't just put your mail into envelopes - we have a wide range of options available for finishing your printed documents to ensure that the end product is exactly as you require it.


Hand Enclosing
For that personal touch

In addition to our Automated Enclosing capabilities we have an area specifically for work that requires hand enclosing. If customers have work that cannot be enclosed automatically our Hand Enclosing facility ensures we can get the job done.


Mail Sortation Office
Mail handling and sortation facilities

Our Mail Sortation Office is designed to operate autonomously as an inbound mail sortation, scan and redistribution centre, or can be used in tandem with our Business Continuity Suite.