Bespoke Finishing

We do more than just enclosing

We don't just put your mail into envelopes - we have a wide range of options available for finishing your printed documents to ensure that the end product is exactly as you require it.

Booklet Maker

Our Booklet Makers complete the process of document production, as printed and collated folios are automatically trimmed, cut and bound into books at high-speed.


We have Burster machines which will take your continuous print streams and convert them into cut-sheet, collated output, all at high-speed.

Merger Guillotine

Our high performance Merger Guillotines can be used to centre split stationery, merge forms and cut continuous output into single sheets ready for further processing.

Power Guillotine

The Power Guillotine machinery we have provides us with the standard industry abilities of cutting and trimming printed output.

Pressure Sealer

Pressure Seal machines are ideal for applications such as payslips, P60’s, PIN numbers, membership cards and print to mail letters. Our pressure sealing machines allow us to offer our customers the high level of reliability demanded by many of these mission critical applications.


At CMCS we have a free-standing pedestal Stitcher, giving us with the ability to stitch various types of output such as pads, chequebooks and business forms, with support for both saddle and side stitching.

Key Facts

  • Booklet makers
  • Burster machines
  • Merger guillotines
  • Power guillotines
  • Pressure sealers
  • Stitcher