High standards you can rely on

Making sure you work is completed isn't the whole picture - it's about ensuring your work is completed reliably, safely and securely.

Continuous Power
Ensuring your work never stops

If the worst happens to your business, and you need to hand your work over to CMCS, you want to be able to rely on us. Part of this is knowing that we have as many measures as possible in place to ensure your work never stops.


Site Security
Keeping your data and documents safe

Our site is protected by several measures, all designed to preserve the safety of your work. During working hours we have a staffed reception desk, who allow authorised visitors access to the building.


Waste Paper Disposal
Securely disposing of all paper waste

Storing old records or insecurely disposing of confidential waste could compromise our company or our clients. To guarantee confidential information stays confidential we use secure on-site shredding services, ensuring our company stays compliant with privacy legislation (in accordance with APACS Standard 55 and ISO 27001 requirements) and your business remains secure.