Continuous Power

Ensuring your work never stops

If the worst happens to your business, and you need to transfer your work to CMCS, you want to be able to rely on us. Part of this is knowing that we have as many measures as possible in place to ensure your work never stops.

One of the measures we have is our UPS (uninterruptable power supply) which allows us to operate even in the event of a power failure. We have our own on-site sub-station with a deidcated feed from the National Grid. As a result our power supply is independent of any other business in the area, or any surges or drains on the local supply.

The power that comes into the CMCS site is 'cleaned' before it is used, and keeps an array of batteries fully charged. If a power failure occurs our electricity supply will instantly switch over to our battery array, keeping the site running.

At the same time our external generator will start up - once this is running optimally the electricity supply will then switch over to our generator, which can keep our entire site running at full capacity indefinitely.