Data & Software

Adding value to your data and documents

Working on a daily basis with almost every type of print-ready and data file in use has given us a thorough understanding of the data our customers use. Coupled with our industry-leading expertise in both hardware and software we are able to extend and enhance the services that we bring to our customers, both current and prospective.

Our IT services rely heavily on the infrastructure and tools we have built up at CMCS and the experience our in-house team possesses. The following is a summary of each service, and how you can benefit from them.

Data Processing

Using our in-house software development team and the latest industry-leading document management tools we can process and manipulate your data, regardless of its format. We have the capacity to handle almost all print-ready formats and directly work with them, converting them if required in order to pass data between disparate systems.

We can also add value to your documents with bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements, performing processes such as reprocessing or converting data, adding or removing text or images, or adjusting control marks, such as OMR. We can also apply just-in-time fixes to your data to correct faults which cannot otherwise be corrected in order to meet SLA's.

Document Composition

We have our internally developed tools, coupled with industry recognised application platforms that let us take your raw data and produce print-ready documents, typically at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

There are no limits to what we can place onto your composed documents, so they can be as simple or visually rich as you require. Once your documents have been produced we can then pass them back to you, or print and mail them as part of the process.

Software Creation

We can create bespoke software applications to suit your requirements, allowing your data to be adjusted, or to integrate systems on any equipment (physical or virtual) you may have hosted at CMCS.