Inbound Mail

For the handling and processing of inbound mail

For any business whose profitability centres on the handling and processing of large mail volumes the loss of Inbound Mail Sortation could cause significant problems. In order to help you overcome this CMCS are now able to provide a bespoke Inbound Mail Sortation and Redistribution Recovery Service, entirely focused on the handling, sortation, scanning and registering of inbound mail. Our services help you alleviate the concerns of disruption to your core business.

In association with our Workplace Recovery Service, we have built an Inbound Mail Room Recovery Room. With automated letter openers, high speed scanning and 1,500 mail sortation frames we offer resources to recover Inbound Mail Processing applications.

Mail Receipt

By contacting the relevant service providers, customers can redirect their inbound mail to the CMCS site, where we will unload and take receipt of all mail. Mail is received in our large, open preliminary sorting area where it can then be pre-sorted, and processed, moved, shredded, etc.


Once mail has been delivered to CMCS and pre-sorted it can then move to our Mail Sortation Office where it can be opened, processed, stored or securely shredded. With over 200 columns of mail sortation frames, and over 1,500 sortation areas, we are able to meet customers requirements and ensure their inbound mail processes continue uninterrupted.

Additional Sortation

After sortation mail can then be moved to our Business Continuity Suite for additional sortation and processing. Here mail can be factored out using our additional sortation frames, or action can be taken against any mail, such as call-backs or reply letters.