Mail Sortation

Sorting your data for greater mailing savings

Mailsort and Walksort can offer you considerable postage savings in return for you undertaking some of the work involved in sorting and processing mail normally performed by the Royal Mail. As an accredited supplier of Royal Mail Mailsort and Walksort software we can assist your company in achieving a wide range of savings on high volume mailings. Using Mailsort, the more you sort, the more you save, making it ideal if you send large volumes of mail regularly, such as letters and statements.

If your organisation sends large-volume national mailings, or mailings concentrated on a localised area then the Walksort service is more appropriate, ensuring that your mail is delivered with maximum efficiency and at a significantly reduced cost.

Other Mailsort Providers

Our Mailsort service also supports other downstream access providers, ensuring we can cover your sortation requirements.