Print and Mail

Providing protection for your critical print and mail

Print and mail are at the heart of what we do at CMCS and our facilities are designed to help your business when it needs it most. Our facilities are available for both Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Disaster Recovery

A catastrophic event such as a fire, flood or explosion could seriously affect your business. Our core skills are to provide a detailed, robust and rigorously tested Disaster Recovery solution for just such a situation. A Disaster Recovery contract with CMCS ensures that every detail of your day to day print and mail process will be identified and replicated as part of a total disaster recovery solution.

Our Disaster Recovery service allows you to take advantage of any combination of many of our facilities, and can be used in conjunction with our other services to make sure that the package we create is the perfect solution for your requirements.

Business Continuity

Whilst a total loss of service is clearly a disaster, sometimes a breach of Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be equally as damaging. An unexpected peak, a regulatory requirement, interest rate changes, sick leave or simple machine breakdown can interrupt or even ruin your service levels. A Disaster Recovery contract with CMCS provides you with the added assurance of access to our services and staff for Business Continuity, effectively an extension to your production planning process.

CMCS can respond quickly and efficiently to requests to overcome short term issues or unexpected peaks in requirements. Due to testing and due diligence criteria followed when setting up a Disaster Recovery agreement, your applications have already been analysed, tested and proven on the CMCS equipment, as well as being understood by the operating staff. We will ensure:

  • Rapid response to requests for support
  • Data validation and electronic proofing of output
  • Detailed quality and wreck recovery procedures
  • Full liaison with postal and courier services
  • Detailed reporting and confirmation procedures