Server Hosting

Extending and securing your I.T. infrastructure

Customers can use our facility to host IT equipment offsite, enabling them to replicate key IT functions and infrastructure, store backups, or extend their IT capabilities. And with support for virtualization and dedicated comms, we can host whatever equipment you need.


Virtualization reduces the cost and complexity of business continuity. Essentially, by using virtualization technology, you can encapsulate an operating system, an application, and its data into the equivalent of an application running on top of an operating system - the operating system, in this case, is the virtualization software. You can then easily transmit this encapsulated application to an offsite location - just as you would transmit a data file - and make it available on a remote machine for employees to access.

"Implementing a reliable, rapid-recovery strategy can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring redundant server, storage and network infrastructure often in separate locations. Because of this, many companies simply don't have comprehensive business continuity plans to protect their critical infrastructure and applications.

"With virtualization business continuity solutions, you can add high availability and disaster recovery options to your business. Plus if you already deploy business continuity for some applications, you can use virtualization to extend protection to additional applications."

(source: Microsoft Virtualization - Business Continuity Solutions)


Our virtualization offerings are split into 2 packages, distinguished by their availability and access.

Our Virtual Server package provides you with a machine that is always running, and can be accessed and operated at any time. Access to these machines is only available using our remote access website, or through any dedicated connections (if installed).

Our Virtual Desktop package provides you with a machine that can only be accessed and operated at pre-arranged times or during an invocation. However, each Virtual Desktop machine comes with dedicated access from a workstation at CMCS.